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Your all-in-one collaboration platform for BIM coordination.

Acculis Pinpoint is a web-based platform for sharing models, managing design and construction issues, and boosting collaboration.
Start increasing team coordination and BIM utilization today.


Meet Acculis Pinpoint.

Solve construction issues, share models, and communicate with existing BIM tools.
Use Acculis Pinpoint to optimize your workflow and boost your bottom line.

We took the busy work out of your coordination workflow.

Over 35% of a construction professional's time is spent on
non-critical tasks, like looking for project information, resolving conflicts, and fixing minor issues. With Acculis Pinpoint, we'll take care of the busy work so your team is empowered to focus on what really matters.

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Security & Speed

Acculis' emphasis on security means you can view large models securely on any device with full confidence.

User-Friendly Design

Manage your project using Pinpoint's modern, responsive, and intuitive interface. Avoid extensively training all employees in BIM software.

Centralized Coordination

Elevate the productivity of your existing workflow by centralizing project information on Pinpoint and distributing it to all parties.

Seamless Collaboration

Instantly collaborate with your entire team by sharing models, issues, files, photos, and more.

Access on any device

Acculis Pinpoint provides your team with everything they need, anywhere they go.

Need to look at an updated model from on-site, but only have a tablet? Trying to coordinate critical redesigned with no time to spare? No problem. With Acculis Pinpoint, your entire construction project will be at your fingertips wherever you go, whether you have a tablet, smartphone, or computer.

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Benefits to your workflow

Improved Access

Our intuitive interface allows both BIM experts and personnel not trained in BIM to learn the basics of Acculis Pinpoint in minutes. Integrations to modeling software, and site-management software provide huge efficiency gains in workflow and communication.

Speed & Efficiency

Accessing Building Information models used to require expensive computers with heavy software. Acculis' backend removes the load with proporietaty parsing and compressing algorithms. Any project member can quickly access models from desktop or any mobile device. The unique link-sharing capabilities give projects the flexibility to seamlessly empower current workflows with BIM.

Coordination Transparency & Management

Centralized tracking of model-based design and construction issues, streamlines collaboration. View and discuss clashes from a web browser, centralize issue information, and archive closed issues for your records. By giving you the ability to assign due dates and point people, increase the accountability in your current BIM coordination workflows.